International Roundtable “Combating Internet Piracy: International Practice” coorganized by Rumyantsev & Partners was held in Brussels

On October 18, 2016, Brussels hosted the International Roundtable on combating copyright infringements on the Internet “Combating Internet Piracy: International Practice”, coorganized by Rumyantsev & Partners Consulting Agency. The event brought together representatives of Motion Picture Association of America, biggest American motion picture studios, experts and regulators from the EU and the USA. The Head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov was at the head of the Russian delegation, which included representatives of leading media companies and industry organizations.

The participants expressed a common position on the need to strengthen international cooperation in combating violations of intellectual property rights and declared their intention to continue such contacts.

The Roundtable participants adopted a joint communiqué.


of the International Roundtable

“Combating Internet Piracy: International Practice”

On October 18, 2016 the International Roundtable «Combating Internet Piracy: International Practice» was held in Brussels. The event brought together representatives ofthe creative and media industries, regulators and copyright protection experts from the EU, RF, USA.

European and Russian officials, property rights holders, representatives of third parties, representatives of Intellectual Property Rights educating programs (Copyright Alert System (US), Get it Right (Great Britain)) and experts (Rumyantsev and Partners Consulting Agency, FTM Law legal firm) expressed the view that the lack of intellectual property protection causes significant economic damage to individual rights holders and the global economy as a whole, as well as negatively affect users and prevent them enjoy entertainment in a safe environment, forcing them to use pirate sites that are fertile ground for theft of user data, viruses, hacking and spyware.

In particular, participants acknowledged the need to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against IPR violations on the Internet and to continue sharing experiences in improving legislation and law enforcement practice in combating the copyright infringement in the digital environment in the EU, RF and USA.

During the event, the participants discussed the main areas of work and mechanisms of combating Internet piracy, as well as key legislative initiatives in this field, in respect of the role and liability of websites with user-generated content, and search engines. In addition, the Roundtable participants pointed at the importance of joint efforts of improving the culture of consumption of digital content and developing a marketplace for legal offer of audiovisual content.

The Roundtable participants highlighted the key role of regulators in IPR protection in the digital environment, the positive trends in the fight against Internet piracy in Russia and the constructive role of Roskomnadzor in the consistent fight against rogue sites.

The Roundtable participants met to discuss a number of alternative policy options with respect to online piracy, including legislation and voluntary initiatives and joint programmes implemented by rights holders and providers of infrastructure services to educate consumers and inform Internet users violating copyrights.

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