Letter to Council of Europe. 1992

To General secretary of Council of Europe Madame к.  Lalumiere

Honorable Madame General secretary,

as you already know, Russian Federation Is now moving towards radical constitutional reform.

The 1st Congress elected representative Constitutional Commission, head officially by president Eltsln and chairman Khasbulatov.

in Autumn of 1990 we prepared a draft of a new Russian Constitution, which was put by president Boris Eltsln to the congress In last November. There Is a great possibility, that on the nearest Congress of People1s Deputies - In April - the new constitution of Russian Federation will be finally approved.

The Council of Europe Is well known for It's strong affiliation to the principles of democracy and rule of law. From the first steps our Constitutional commission was in contact with Antonio La Pergola, the chairman of the CE Commission "Democracy through Law" - both in Italy and in moscow.

We also had the opportunity to greet You in the white House of Russian Parliament after the failure of coup-d'etat, presenting you with the draft of our Constitution.

We would be interested in getting and publishing the writen oppinion of the CE and it's commision about the Constitution-draft. And this opinion is interesting for us not only in the form of textual ammendments, but mainly in the most difficult aspect: how to ensure the constitutionalism in real life, in the work of judiciary, in the institutions of civil society, in federalism?

The new Russia is looking forward great events in its history, we hope, that on the base of the new constitution with support and comrehension of European Community we will pass the difficulties and become a solid, respectable, predictable and wealthy partner for European union.

Oleg Rumyantsev, MR Secretary of Russian constitutional Commission.

Moscow, 18 - 02 - 1992

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