Russian Foundation forConstitutional Reforms (RFCR) was founded at the beginning of 1993 as a non-governmental public organization. It's prime goal is to contribute to the establishment of rule-of-law in the Russian Federation. The title "Russian" was attributed to the Foundation with a special order of the Government of the Russian Federation. The Foundation was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the RF on January 14, 1993.

Main spheres of the Foundation activities include:

- contribution to the improvement of the constitutional legislation of Russia,

- consultations to the constituent parts of the Russian Federation and partners in CIS (in 1994-1995 - Republic of Crimea, Republic of Dagestan, Orlov oblast);

- legal advice to citizens and organizations;

- collection, renovation and distribution of electronic information data-base on different divisions of lawof the countries of the CIS (including bank, taxes, trade laws);

- contribution tolegal education, giving lectures, publishing literature on the matter of constitutionalism;

- international cooperation on constitutionalism;

- setting up a Constitutional library and archives.

Authoritative governmentof the Foundation, it's Members and experts practical experience in different spheres of activities can serve as a best guarantee to the Foundation.

Oleg G. Rumiantsev, PhD - one of the authors of the new Constitutionof Russia, Member of Russian Parliament in 1990-1993 is the President of the Foundation, Ivan Makushok is the Vice-President. Among the members of the Council of the Foundation are - well-known public figures like Stanislav Govorukhin, Sergei Glaziev.

The Foundation publishes "Constitutional Herald" - respectedindependent magazine on the problems of Constitutional reforms (registered on February 8, 1994). The magazine supports the traditions of the same edition, published in 1990-1993 by the Constitutional commission of Russian Parliament. Editorial Board of the magazine includes M.S.Gorbachev, famous lawers and Supreme Justices like S.Avakyan, V.Zorkin, V.Isakov, O.Kutafin, V.Lafitski, M.Piskotin.

Welcome tocooperation with the Russian Foundation for Constitutional Reforms.

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