Foundation for Constitutional Reforms

Set up in summer 2007, NGO Foundation for Constitutional Reforms (FCR) is a successor to the Russian Foundation for Constitutional Reforms (1992-1998).[1] It's prime goal is to provide public contribution to the development of rule-of-law in the Russian Federation.

Lawyers of different generations are involved into Foundation projects, including those who were the members, experts and staff of the Constitutional Commission of the Russian Federation (1990-1993). Most of the staff are young lawyers - graduates and postgraduates of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The primary line of FCR activity is to promote public support to the task of preservation and research of Russia’s constitutional heritage.   

Currently the Foundation is publishing “The History of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Constitutional Commission: minutes, materials and documentation (1990 – 1993).” (volumes 1 – 6) with objective to preserve and popularize the materials relating to the work on the draft of the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the early 1990-es, as they have a high historic and social value. (See more in the Newsletter attached).

Among other projects in this sphere are the Constitution Museum; electronic Constitution Archives; album “Russian Constitution Faces”;  a DVD-set on “The History of the Constitution of the Russian Federation”.

In 2008, to the 15-th Anniversary of Russian Constitution, FCR plans - together with its partners[2] - to organize an international Conference.

The Foundation is in preparation to issue a "Constitutional Herald" – as a truly independent magazine on the issues of Constitutional order in Russia and the world (registered as RFCR edition in 1994).  The magazine is set to continue the traditions of the same edition, published in 1990-1993 by the Constitutional Commission of the Russian Federation.

The Foundation is also engaged in carrying out an independent political and legal research, advice on legislative activities.

FCR President is Oleg G. Rumyantsev, PhD – one of the key promoters of the new Constitution of Russia, MP and 1st Secretary of the Constitutional Commission of Russian Parliament in 1990-1993 (  Members of FCR Board are well-known constitutionalists Vladimir Isakov, Vil Kikot, Vladimir Lafitsky, Leonid Mamut, Mihail Mitukov, Vladimir Pligin, Boris Strashun, Victor Sheynis, Leonid Volkov. Executive Director of FCR - Stanislav N. Stanskikh, Ph.D. Candidate.

                Foundation would be glad to cooperate with those interested in our projects.

[1] Russian Foundation for Constitutional Reforms founders were the “fathers” of draft Constitution of Russian Federation from 1991-1993. After becoming an NGO, RFCR  has been carrying out research in the area of constitutional related law, engaged in drafting process, expertise and advise to both federal and regional authorities, as well as publishing activity and legislation systematization.  

[2] In August 2007 the Foundation signed a cooperation agreement with Boris Yeltsin Foundation.


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